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​Vaccinations & Travel Health Measures for Southeast Asia

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​Vaccinations & Travel Health Measures for Southeast Asia

Vaccines and travel advice for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Burma and Laos?

Thinking of a solo trip or maybe a trip for the whole family? Then the picturesque scenery of Southeast Asia is the place for you. Whether it be feeding the soul with a renowned sense of enlightenment through Bali’s historical architecture or taking a scenic walk down the alluring rice terraces of the town of Sapa in Vietnam, Southeast Asia will not disappoint. Maybe you’re looking for more of the hustle and bustle of small-town trade and souvenirs shops, then come on down to Hoi An, Vietnam, with its beautiful old architecture. There’s no lack of traditional authentic meals when it comes to Penang, Malaysia, with its mouth-watering dishes that will appease any taste buds. However, whether you are enjoying delicious meals or walking through rice paddies, be sure to book an appointment with our Travel Specialist so that you may be up to date with the necessary medications and vaccines before your trip.

The recommended vaccinations and travel medications depend on many factors such as past immunizations, itinerary, activities, length of stay, current medical conditions, etc. Vaccination and medication recommendations are tailored to each individual, however, here is a list of potential vaccinations for Southeast Asia:

There are other diseases and health concerns that travelers should be aware of such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, pollution, etc. Be sure to book an appointment with our experienced certified travel specialist. Rest assured that we will work with you to cater our recommendations to your precise needs based on your travel itinerary, risk level, cost concerns, etc.

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